PeniMaster PRO Rod Expander System Review

My Review: The PeniMaster PRO Rod expander system is designed to be connected with the PeniMaster Pro. It is basically a generator for a rod pulling force which elongates the penis in an axial symmetrical manner without any abutment the far side of the penis. In addition to that, it also allows the treatment to be executed uniquely, which is the elongation of the erected penis in the physiological position.

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Review of the PeniMaster Pro rod expander

The rod expander system is slowly gaining popularity in the market. More and more people are realizing its benefits and are trying it, without getting disappointed. It offers numerous advantages, some of which are highlighted below.  If you have question like; does penimaster work? then you should read my previous post.

Uses Penimaster Pro Basic

The rod expander is designed to be used with the PeniMaster Pro Basic. The connection to the glans is self-adapting anatomic. This means that you don’t need to reinvest lots of your hard-earned money in another device to utilize it.

Elongation variation

The Pro expander allows for elongation variant that is physiologically ideal. This means that you can adjust it to whatever suits you the most, giving you maximum comfort with maximum effectiveness.

Force measurement

The rod comes with a pulling force measurement, which is integrated for every spring balance. This means that you can easily monitor the amount of force that you exert on your penis. It helps to avoid over-stretching and to use a constant force always.


Another top advantage is that you can adjust the rod expander. This allows it to fit penis of any length. It eliminates all the worries of having to look for specific fit or having to buy another Penimaster rod expander when you gain a few inches in length.

Wearing options

You can choose how to wear the device in relation to you preferences. The options are either downwards or upwards. This will ensure that you feel as comfortable as you possibly can.


The system is made of only the highest quality materials. The main material is medical grade plastic, which is highly stable and reinforces with fiberglass. The high quality reflects in durability. With proper maintenance, you can use the rod expander system even for a lifetime.


The Penimaster Expander system is designed in such a way that you can wear it underneath your clothes and it will not show. You can wear it during the day and carry on with your normal daily activities, without anyone noticing it. This allows you to increase the number of hours that you can use it in a day, and thus makes it more effective. Given how comfortable it is, you will hardly notice that you are wearing it. You should use penimaster pro in such a way that you get maximum benefit and gains with that.

Product Features

Some of the important features include;

  • Has a support system that combines adhesion, vacuum, and positive-locking fit.
  • It adapts to you glans perfectly, without crushing
  • Does not need pump ball to work
  • Its functional design is physiologic-anatomic and biological as well
  • Prefect for all penis sizes, whether circumcised or not
  • Easy maintenance

How to buy PeniMaster PRO Rod Expander System?

The buying process is quite easy. You simply need to visit the official website of PeniMaster and browse through the products until you find all the products that you wish to purchase. Alternatively, you can use the search function. Place your order and wait for a few days to receive your delivery. It comes with so many accessories, instruction books and few other existing gifts too. Company offers coupon codes to buy Penimaster at huge discount. Make sure to take benefit of such promotion.

Hope my Penimaster Pro rod expander review is helpful! If you still have any query or want to share your experience about rod expander system then place your comments here.

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