Penimaster Pro Routine to Gain Length and Girth

Penimaster Pro Routine to Gain Length and Girth: The Penimaster pro refers to a penis-stretching device that is made in Germany, used for stimulating natural growth in penis. It uses the same principle to that of other extender devices, but works much better than most. A silicon noose fastener is used to fix it just below the glans. A vacuum-based high quality plastic bowl is fixed on the glans. When you put it on, it pulls the penis from the glans, keeping it stretched. Penimaster pro comes in two forms i.e. a belt system and a rod extender. Both of them work quite effectively meaning that you can choose any of them or buy the complete set, which includes both.

Penimaster Pro Routine

Wearing the Penimaster device should be done on a routine, if you want to get the best results. There are various routines that you can try out, depending on your level of experience with extender devices and other few factors. For beginners, a good routine to follow would be as described below.

penimaster pro before and after results

Warm up

You should always start by a nice warm up before putting on the Penimaster pro. There are various types of warm ups that you can use, depending on your preferences. As a beginner, you can try using a warm towel to massage you penis then follow it up with a few exercises.

Wear time

You can wear the device at any time of the day, depending on your preference. For beginners, a single session per day would be enough, to get the penis used to stretching without developing any complications. The duration per session should be less than two hours, but this as well as the number of sessions will be increased with time.


As a beginner, you should not stretch your penis too much. Ensure that you stretch only to a level that you still feel comfortable enough to carry out any other normal activity. A good start would be to stretch to a force similar to that offered by 600 grams and then work your way up depending on how you feel after some days or weeks.

Remember to look out for signs of over training. If you feel any pain or discomfort at any time during the process, discontinue use of the extender for some time until the pain or discomfort goes away. You should follow above penimaster routine to get desired result.

How to Use Penimaster Pro for better Result?

Start by adjusting the Penimaster device using the extension rods, to a length similar to that of your stretched penis when it is not erect. Ensuring that your penis is still flaccid, slide it through the base ring then wrap it with the comfort belt. For those who are uncircumcised, retract the foreskin before you wrap.

Next step will be to place the holding belt just underneath the glans, then slide its two ends through the slits that are on the support base. Tighten it carefully until the penis is strapped in comfortably.

Push the extension rods from the bottom to the support base. Use the pull control mechanism to adjust accordingly by turning the screw thread. You can wear the device either pointing downwards or upwards, depending on your personal preferences. You can also check my comparison on Penimaster vs Sizegenetics to get better idea.

What is your daily PeniMaster Pro Routine? Share your special tips that help others too.

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