PeniMaster Pro Spares and Replacement Parts

Don’t buy Penimaster pro spares and replacement parts before you read the review with tips to order it at best price!

One of the leading male enhancement devices in the world is the PeniMaster Pro. This product has helped many men to achieve their desired penis size. It works perfectly well for people in need of increasing the size of their penis. It takes a few weeks of using the product to experience the results.

However, in the course of using it, you may need to replace some parts of it to make it more efficient. The need for spare parts and replacement may be necessitated by normal wear and tear or damage. Once, you feel the device is no longer functioning, you should consider going for PeniMaster Pro Replacement Parts and spares.

PeniMaster Pro Spares and Replacement Parts

We will highlight some of the parts that you should replace to make the device effective. We will also be looking at the advantages of each part as well as the price.

Belt Pulling Force Generator

It is used together with PeniMaster Pro basic as belt expander system.


  • It is skin friendly making it comfortable to wear
  • The belt length is adjustable on both sides
  • It automatically syncs with PeniMaster Pro basic
  • It has multi-position anchors that ensures a secure and wrinkle-free attachment of the fixing clip
  • It is washable at 60 degrees with a machine

Price:this part retails at 69.95

penimaster pro replacement parts and spares

Penimaster Pro Rod Pulling Force Generator

Together with the PeniMaster Pro basic, the rod pulling force generator is used as a rod expander system. It includes a base ring, coupling sockets, and extension rods.


  • You can wear it any direction, whether upwards or downwards
  • The spring balance installed in this product helps in controlling the pulling force
  • Good for people with allergy since its parts are chrome-plated and gold-plated metals
  • Syncs well with PeniMaster Pro basic
  • There is no rotation of base rods

Price: the product costs $117.37

Anatomic Glans Chamber with Frenulum Protection

Some of the benefits for buying this spare part includes:

  • Has an attachment groove that attaches to the latex parts
  • Its coupling head allows for easy connection of the glans chamber to the rod pulling force generator or the belt
  • Has a valve port

Price: the price of this product is $78.13

Sluice Ring

This spare part makes it easy for you to insert the glans into the sluice. You should have it because it will help you avoid your bodily hair from being pinched when using the PeniMaster Pro basic.

The spare part retails at $19.91.

Standard Rotary Valve

If you screw it down, it becomes impermeable to air making it beneficial when using the PeniMaster Pro basic.

The product retails at $15.29.

Split Adapter

The split adapter helps the glans chamber to adapt optimally to a smaller penis diameter. When you remove the PeniMaster Pro, the split adapter is released automatically.

The product retails at $20.04.

Pump Ball Application System

The pump ball application system generates vacuum when using the PeniMaster Pro.

It retails at $34.26.

Extension Rods

There are many extension rods of different sizes such as 0.5cm, 2cm, 4cm, 6cm, and 8cm.

The alternative is to buy the set of extension rods that has all these sizes. The full set retails at $87.69.

Other items that you can get include the case, DVD, and instructional manual.

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Final Thought:

It is better to have these spare parts with you just in case you need them. As you have seen, the spare parts are of great importance in ensuring that your quest to increase the size of your penis is successful. Make sure to buy Penimaster pro from official website only. It is safe and most convenient way to order this extender.

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