PeniMaster Pro vs SizeGenetics: Comparison and Review

Penis extenders are getting into the limelight for their effective results and therefore, more and more men are in search for finding the right one. But because there are so many penis extenders available in the market, it’s hard to decide which one to go with.

PeniMaster Pro vs SizeGenetics: Who is the real winner?

But we are going to make your decision a lot easier, as we are going to look at two renowned penis extenders: PenisMaster Pro or SizeGenetics. We will be reviewing each penis extender on the basis of their fixation, material, certificated, tension, wearing options, and convenience of use. Please check the in-depth comparison given below.

sizegenetics vs penimaster pro comparison

  1. Fixation method

There are three different fixation methods that are used for penis extenders. The noose fixation, which is the least safe of all is just saying its last goodbyes, but is still used by Sizegenetics on their penis extenders. The noose fixation technique is not for everyone as its very tough on the skin. The other one is the vacuum fixation method that you are going to find on the PeniMaster Pro. It’s the most convenient and safest of all fixation methods. The important news is that this fixation method is only available on PeniMaster Pro for now.

  1. Quality of the product

Because penis is a delicate body organ, you have to pay attention to the manufacturer. We highly advise you not to use any cheap Chinese products that could leave your penis with a permanent damage. PeniMaster is a market leader and there is reason why. Their penis extenders are stable, convenient and comfortable to use. Remember that it’s important to look for the certifications before buying a penis extender.

Size Genetics has the Type I Medical Device, CE, 92/42/EEC, whereas, PeniMaster Pro is the only penis extender that complies with EU directives and is available across medical stores in Europe.

  1. Efficiency of PeniMaster and Sizegenetics

This is the most important of the review, because you don’t need a comfortable extender that’s so easy on your penis but has no real results. The efficiency of penis extenders is measured by the amount of tension that they can produce. The optimal tension is around 400-1100 grams and it’s not advisable to use an extender that produces tension above 1100 grams. Companies that use noose extender tend to damage the skin and there are risks of penis slipping out as the foreskin is hardly fully covered. PeniMaster, on the other hand, has a vacuum fixation that adapts to the anatomy of your skin. It also doesn’t squeeze your penis and follows the shape of your glans.

  1. Wearing options

While buying a penis extender, you can’t ignore the wearing options that they provide. The comfort of PeniMaster allows you to even perform your daily chores like cycling and jogging while wearing it. The belt system of PeniMaster Pro makes it possible to wear the extender even under your standard underwear. You can you can use Sizegenetics while sitting, standing or walking, but PeniMaster Pro can also be worn while wearing.

Note: It’s highly recommended that you don’t wear a penis extender while sleeping.

Why should you go for PenniMaster Pro?

PeniMaster Pro is the market leader with some great comfort and quality results, but Sizegenetics is more of a mediocre product with numerous safety concerns and health risks. So you know now who is the real winner, don’t you?

If you want proven gain with affordable price then for Penimaster. It comes with so many accessories, DVDs and booklet, so that you won’t find yourself alone. If you still have any doubts between Sizegenetics vs Penimaster pro then you can post it here. I will try to reply you as soon as possible.

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