PeniMaster Pro vs X4 Labs – Comparison and Review

PeniMaster Pro vs X4 Labs – which is good gainer? Read my complete review and comparison to resolve your doubts.

A penis extender can help increase the size of your penis, giving you and your partner better satisfaction in bed as well as boosting your self-confidence. However, for this to come true, you need to ensure that you get a reliable and effective penis extender. There are many factors that you need to consider when shopping for one, which can work as a buying guide for you. Some of the main considerations have been highlighted below.

The Penis Extender Buyers Checklist


The quality of the penis extender needs to be high. This is in terms of both workmanship and materials. For workmanship, the assembly of the various different parts should be in such a way that they can withstand rough usage, making the device durable. For the materials used, they should be of medical grade or standards. The materials should also not contain any harmful ingredients such as phthalates and latex, which are known to cause allergic reactions to many.


Just as with any other purchase, price has to be a major consideration. You need to ensure that you are getting the best deal for the penis extender you are buying. To help you make a judgment, compare the features of the device against the price and go for one that offers the most value.

PeniMaster Pro vs X4 Labs Comparison and Review


The X4 Labs, which is made in China, cost a bit more when compared to the German made PeniMaster Pro. For the complete package, you will have to part with $215. The complete package for the X4 Labs costs $345.


Both devices offer good results in terms of performance. They increase the size of your penis in terms of both length and girth. However, the PeniMaster is a lot more comfortable when worn, and has better efficiency. This means that you are likely to get significant results faster when using the PeniMaster Pro compared to the X4 Labs. The results of Penimaster pro is permanent and easy to achieve too.

Material quality

Both the PeniMaster and X4 Labs are made of very high quality materials. Doctors have tested the materials clinically and approved their use without any supervision, even for the first time users. Both do not contain any harmful material that may cause skin irritation or other allergy symptoms.


The PeniMaster rod expander system can offer tension forces ranging between 200 and 1150 grams. It comes with a good number of accessories, which helps make its use quite easy and comfortable. The fixation method used is vacuum. For the X4 Labs, you get a tension of 1600 grams. It uses a strap/noose fixation method.

Why is PeniMaster Pro better than X4 Labs?

Generally, the PeniMaster Pro can be said to be better than the X4 Labs. For starters, purchasing the PeniMaster is a lot cheaper compared to the X4 Labs. It is also more comfortable such that you can even wear it when sleeping. It uses vacuum for fixation, meaning that there are no chances of slippage of friction burns. The accessories available for the PeniMaster are also a lot more compared to the X4 labs.

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