Peyronie’s Disease vs Penile Curvature – Full Comparison

What is the different between Peyronie’s Disease vs Penile Curvature? Find my in-depth research and review here. Sex is an important aspect of a man’s life. Therefore, anything hindering a man’s sexual life has to be a disturbing issue that should be resolved immediately. Amongst the leading causes of reduced urge for sex by men are Peyronie’s disease or penile curvature. These two problems have been a thorny issue in men’s sexual life. We will discuss their varying effects on a man’s sexual life and provide a solid solution for both penile curvature and Peyronie’s disease.

About Penile Curvature – normal condition

Penile curvature is a normal condition faced by most men. According to medical research, about 20% of men all over the world are born with a curved penis. It is a normal condition that should not worry men facing it. It is characterized by a sharp bend of the penis on either side of the penis.

Doesn’t affect sexual life

In as much as many men do not want to have a bent penis, the fact is that it has no direct impact on a man’s sexual life. There is no pain that a man will feel when engaging in sex. However, the reason why most men do not prefer a curved penis is that many women are uncomfortable with them. Since sex is a psychological process, the perception of having a bent penis may affect a man’s overall performance.

What is the cause?

The cause of a bent penis may be a change in penis anatomy. This is for the men who are born with this condition at birth. However, a man can develop a curved penis later in life because of penile damage. [Review of Fastsize extender]


Typically, there is no need for a medical treatment for men with a curved penis. However, as we will discuss later, you can use a natural device to straighten your penis.

Comparison of Penile Curvature vs Peyronie's Disease

About Peyronie’s Disease –worst condition

Peyronie’s disease is very different from a normal penile curve. It is a medical condition resulting in a scar tissue on the side of the penis. Peyronie’s usually causes painful erections. It makes a man feel very uncomfortable during sex.

Affects your sex life

Unlike penile curvature, Peyronie’s disease has a direct impact on your sex life. With this disease, you will not enjoy sex. It will lead to a poor sex life since it is mostly characterized by painful erections.


There are five symptoms that well define Peyronie’s disease. The five are a scar tissue, penis pain, curved penis, short penis, and impotence.

The combination of these symptoms will kill your sex life completely, hence the need to seek a lasting solution.

Best Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease

If you have PD, it is important that you treat it once and for all to avoid a bad sex life. The best treatment option for this disease is the Penimaster Pro Extender.

The Penimaster Pro Extender is a male enhancement device that works to keep your penis straight. When doing this, the device also works to eliminate the scar tissue forming on the penis. With the elimination of this scar tissue, Peyronie’s disease will be a thing of the past. Please avoid buying extender from amazon and ebay site as there are large numbers of counterfeit products.

The Penimaster Pro tackles all the five symptoms of the Peyronie’s disease.

  1. Scar tissue: it helps in eliminating this scar tissue
  2. Penis pain: it reduces the pain after eliminating the scar tissue causing pain
  • Curved penis: this device works to straighten a man’s penis
  1. Short penis: it also a male enhancement device working to elongate the size of a man’s penis.
  2. Impotence: it boosts a man’s sexual appetite, eliminating any signs of impotence.

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