How to Use PeniMaster Pro for Maximum Results?

If you are holding onto one of PeniMaster Pro penis extenders and wondering how to properly wear and use it, you are in the right place then, because by the end of this read, you will have all the information required to properly wear PeniMaster Pro and also the associated do’s and don’t.

How to Use PenisMaster Pro?

Wearing PeniMaster Pro could be a little tricky as its fixation method is one-of-its-kind, i.e. vacuum fixation that involves the use of vacuum and adhesive to safely keep the head of the penis intact into the extender. Vacuum extenders are easier to use and provide more comfortable wear even after hours. The spring clips on the PeniMaster hold the strap in its place better than any other extender available on the market.

using penimaster pro

Wearing PeniMaster Pro takes just under a minute if worn by an experienced user, but for new users, it could be around a few minutes. To minimize the wearing and to maximize the results, PeniMaster Pro suggests its customers to thoroughly go through the user manual provided with their penis extenders.

As aforementioned, PeniMaster is a vacuum-adhesive and any problems caused with the fixation could interfere with the level of adhesion or vacuum.

How to Wear Penis Extender?

For instance, if the level of vacuum goes down, it’s possible that the head of the penis would slip out of the chamber. To check if the adhesive membrane holds properly, ensure if it is properly sucked inside. If not, then the vacuum won’t hold good. It’s also possible that the air could enter inside the vacuum from the connection of membrane which would also leads to slipping of the penis out of the chamber.

To avoid any kind of discomfort while using PeniMaster Pro, it’s essential that the latex membranes should be replaced timely to avoid the penis head from sliding away under high pressure. The membrane on the extender undergoes considerable tension and begins to sag over regular use. A mistake that many users do is to keep using the extender with the same membrane thus causing a bubble within the vacuum chamber.

You would be required to weekly replace the membrane to avoid a sagged bubble, so make sure you are not low on stock to avoid gaps between your training.

Things to Consider While Wearing PeniMaster Pro

It’s normal for users to start wearing the extenders under high tension even in the early stages, so what happens is that the penis tissues aren’t accustomed to such level of loads and thus a user ends up seeing no results.

How can you regulate the tension?

If you have been wearing PeniMaster Pro at maximum tension, suspend your training for a few weeks, and the resume back with a lighter load, before finally increasing it to maximum. Also, you will only face tension during the first 15-20 min, so it’s recommended not to increase the tension even if your penis tissues don’t feel stretched.

Lastly, remember that there is on one-size-fits-all in the case of wearing the extender. Some people could see results even with irregular wearing while others may not see any results even after using PeniMaster Pro after 2-3 hours daily. However, try to wear the extender for around 6 hours a day with breaks in between (breaks should be no longer than five minutes).

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