Verapamil Cream for Peyronie’s Disease – Does It Work?

In a bid to treat Peyronie’s disease, men have been using various techniques and products like Verapamil Cream, injection etc. However, there is the question of whether these techniques and products work to the benefit of the users. We are going to discuss one of the products and seek to find how it works.


What is Verapamil?

verapamil for peyronies disease treatment

This one of the many options available for the man suffers from Peyronie’s disease. The cream is applied to the penis with the area of the plaque getting special attention. However, with knowledge of the original use of this medication, one may think twice about using it to treat a bent penis.

What is Verapamil’s original use?

This product is a calcium channel blocker. When the product was first developed, it was to be used by certain heart patients. Therefore, the original use of the drug was to treat heart patients and not men suffering from Peyronie’s disease.


Can You Use Verapamil Cream for Peyronie’s Disease?

Despite the fact that the product was originally developed to be used by heart patients, it has found its way to the market for people with Peyronie’s disease. However, the cream is not suitable for treating bent penis. There are many reasons why it is not advisable for one to use this cream to treat curved dick. We will highlight some of the leading reasons that will make you stop using Verapamil cream for Peyronie’s disease.

Dangers of Verapamil Product

  • Has side effects

Most men who have used this cream for treating Peyronie’s disease have reported a number of side effects. The leading side effects include nausea, dermatitis, pain, and light headedness. This is one of the reasons why it is not advisable to use this product because you are likely to suffer from these side effects.

  • Decreases metabolism

This drug also has the effect of decreasing metabolism. This makes the person using the drug very unhealthy due to the reduced metabolism process.

Another reason why you cannot trust this cream to treat bent penis is that it does not work primarily to treat the disease. Its primary purpose is to treat some certain heart patients and not Peyronie’s disease. Therefore, it becomes of no use to try using a medication meant for another disease.

Best Alternative to Verapamil to Treat Bent Penis Disease

Of course, there is always a good alternative for curing Peyronie’s disease. Due to the mentioned reasons, you should avoid Verapamil and opt for another option. The best option is Penimaster Pro.

Penimaster Pro

The Penimaster Pro is a leading male enhancement device. This device is your best when you are looking for a device that will safely help you get rid of the curved penis. The device uses the traction method to fix the peyronie’s plaque that causes the penis to bend. There are many benefits of using Penimaster Pro.

Benefits of Extender.

  • The product works effectively to get rid of the Peyronie’s disease. You can always count on it to deliver results within a short time
  • There are no risks associated with the use of this device. This is because it is an external device that does not have any side effects like Verapamil
  • It works to boost the general sex life of the user through enhancing the size of the penis, stamina, libido etc.

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Therefore, you should only use the Penimaster Pro when treating Peyronie’s disease. This will help you deal with this disease in a professional manner.

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